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Bushcraft Hand Drill

Bushcraft Hand Drill

Bullet Points:

Sharpness: Professionally grind each spiral for active sharpness, perfect hole. Self-tapping screw design makes it convenient for manual drilling.

Heavy-duty Steel: Made of high-quality hardened oxidized steel material, strong and durable. This is the perfect tool for any outdoor enthusiast, shrub craftsman, carpenter or craftsman, etc.

Perfect Size: Diameter = 2.5cm/1inch, width = 4cm/1.5inch, total length = 16cm/6.2inch & cutting diameter = 2.5cm/1inch. Suitable for larger wooden rods to obtain greater torque and easier drilling!

Camping Survival Equipment: Throw it into your jungle craft backpack as the jungle craft tool, which is different from other manual primitive tools and jungle craft survival tools. It even comes with a leather sheath

Suitable for: Used in cork/green wood projects, such as fish traps, chairs, mallets, ladders, maple syrup taps, and most importantly, survival shelters.